Sunday, April 13, 2014

March 2014 - Entrelac Knitting

March's guild meeting was all about the introduction to entrelac knitting.  We talked about base triangles, side triangles, right side and wrong side rectangles and the casting off triangles when knitting a flat piece.

entrelac knit flat using variegated yarn

We talked about knitting all the rectangles in garter stitch vs stocking stitch and that stitch patterns could also be added to your rectangles.

We also talked about how entrelac can be knit in the round with no need for the edge triangles.

entrelac in the round using 2 colours

Thursday, February 20, 2014

February 2014 - New Cast On Methonds

Last night's guild meeting was all about new ways to cast on our knitting!  We all pulled out some extra needles and crochet hooks and tried the following cast ons: Backward Loop, Long Tail (sling shot and thumb methods), Chained, Alternating Long Tail, Channel Island and the 2 Colour Braid.

Alternating Long Tail - see the purl sts?

Channel Island - Decorative Edging

Of course there was show and tell of the projects we finished since last month and ones that are still being worked on.  This mitten was a conversation starter!
Last month we talked about knit doilies and our Knitters didn't waste any time trying out the patterns that were shared that night.  Beautiful knitting ladies!!

Friday, January 17, 2014

January 2014 Meeting

Our meeting this month was all about knitted doilies!  We discussed several methods of casting on and joining the work in the round including one method that uses a crochet hook that Liz is demonstrating below.

Patterns were handed out ranging from beginner to advanced.

Crochet cotton and sport weight cotton were available so everyone could cast on and start a project!

We also discussed methods of blocking and stiffening your finished doily.
Happy doily knitting!!

December 2013

Our December meeting of course is a Christmas Party with lots of yummy food, gifts and prizes!

We started off the evening with some show and tell

To encourage everyone to try the new techniques that we learn each month at guild, your name goes in for a draw when you try these techniques on your own projects.   Linda donated one of the prizes (the Christmas ball) and wrapped it in fun sheep wrapping (thanks Carrie for the artistic design!!)  Our lucky winners were Caitlyn and Cathy!

The rest of the evening was spend snacking and knitting

and opening some gifts that Santa had brought.  Apparently he shops at Knit Picks too!!

November 2013

This month our meeting was a fun social knitting night to show off finished projects and have a relaxing night out!

October 2013

The October meeting was all about knitting with beads.  We learned 4 different ways to add beads to our knitting.

Everyone chose their hemp yarn and bead colours,

some of the beads were prestrung and others were added with a small crochet hook,

and everyone ended up with a fun bracelet as a sample of the different techniques.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

September Meeting

Tonight was our first official meeting of the new Knitting year. 

 As usual the show and tell part of the evening was amazing and we saw finished projects and projects still in the works.


Plans were made for future meetings.  October - bead knitting, November  - learn to spin on a drop spindle, December - Christmas party, January - knit doilies, February - entrelac.

The topic of this month's meeting was learning how to knit backwards.  We had lots of fun with this knit little decorations for Halloween.

We also started making plans for a road trip to the Woodstock Fleece Festival in October.

Carol showed us this great idea of how to keep your yarn clean while you are knitting with it.  I thought it was the bottom of a sleeve but I think she said it was the bottom of a girls legging.  Either way it is a creative idea!