Sunday, July 24, 2011

Knitting Fun Days

Today some of the Knitting Goddesses had a knitting pool party and said goodbye to one of our members who is moving up to the Barrie area. I can already see a road trip in our future to check out the knitting stores in her new area! We had a great day knitting, visiting and sitting around the pool. Only one person did any real swimming but most of us sat around the pool with our feet in the water. The water was so warm I almost wish I had gone swimming; but you can't knit and swim at the same time. Thanks Liz for a wonderful day!

Last Sunday was our annual knitting day at Port Bruce. I think the HOT weather kept a lot of the knitters at home in the air conditioning but there was a nice breeze under the pavillion and it turned out to be a nice afternoon.

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